Information: Indoor Provision

Our indoor play/education area is an exciting, fun environment for our children. We have a wealth of fantastic learning resources to make your child’s learning experience at Abacus something to remember.

Below you will find a brief overview of each indoor area at Abacus, giving you an insight into what we provide.

The environment is set up so the children can have access to all the resources continuously throughout the majority of the day. The children can choose what to play with and they are encouraged to tidy up resources before accessing more if necessary.
The environment is set up in a way which children love accessing all the areas and creating their own learning environments and imaginary situations such as caravans, aeroplanes etc.

As well as the areas mentioned we have a Malleable area, sand and water area, puppet area, dolls house, builders area, play dough table, maths area and a Space Rocket!!

Jungle Area

This is a cosy little den where our children can hide away and have an adventure with their imagination. Our children have lots of books, teddies, small world animals and pictures to help and develop their imagination further as well as develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Home Corner

Our home corner is made up of two sections. The first section being the kitchen where the children can sit at the table pretending to have breakfast or tea, or they have a cooker and fridge area where they can use the resources and equipment to pretend to cook, clean or wash up. We also have a washing line and ironing board so our children have the opportunity to imitate washing, drying and ironing the babies clothes or dressing up clothes.

The second section we have is a bedroom made up a cot with dolls and blankets, a bed for the children, dressing up unit and chest, so the children can develop their imagination further dressing up as various different characters. We have a self care basket in the bedroom to, to teach the children about taking care of themselves and health and hygiene routines. The children also have access to a selection of dolls clothes so they can dress and undress them as and when they want to.

Role Play

We have an additional role play table which the children sometimes combine with the home corner and sometimes play with it independently. We have a large selection of role play resources so the children can use their imagination to act out a range of situations a few to mention are Doctors, Dentists, Hairdressers, Party, Post Office, Vets, Travel agents and shop.

Music Area

This is a small cosy area with a large variety of instruments for our children to explore and investigate, making lots of different noises. Our children also have access to the CD player where they enjoy choosing their favourite songs and CD’s to sing and dance along to, as well as the radio.

Mark Making Area / Office

Our children have access to a range of mark making materials as well as the other resources that you would find in an office such as the hole punch, Scissors (Child safety), sellotape and much more. The children can access the resources on the mark making table and in the drawers freely, and they can also transport these round the room and use in the different areas to mark make too.

Book Area

This is a larger cosy area where a bigger group of children can snuggle in and enjoy the large variety of books including fiction, non fiction, magazines, catalogues and much more. Our children enjoy playing with the puppets, teddies and story sacks in this area too re-enacting all the stories.

Creative Area

The children enjoy accessing all the creative materials and resources freely, whether its chalking / painting on the art easel, or cutting, sticking and collaging on the art table, there are plenty of opportunities for their creativity to run wild.

Computer/Smartboard and ICT Area

The children have access to a laptop computer with a range of games on including Dora, simple city, numeracy and literacy games and stories. Children of all ages can also use our interactive smart board, they can touch the screen to complete games, read stories or to mark make using the interactive pens. The children also like to help upload their pictures from their Kiddie camera to the computer ready for printing and revisit the pictures regularly talking about their friends past and present.