Information: Partnership with Parents

We celebrate children’s individual learning and development by creating a Learning Journey for each child. This will be compiled with pictures, photographs, observations and lots more to show you how your child is developing. It is initially created by your child’s key person but is very much owned by the child themselves and is readily available for the child to look at and add to at any time. It is also a great way for parents to work alongside us, ensuring that your child’s interests, needs and feelings and desires are always met. Again, the learning journey is readily available to the child’s parent to add to and look at.

There are many other ways that parents can be involved in their child’s learning and playschool life such as our ‘star board’, where parents and key persons can write down celebrations, special moments or interests in the child’s life at the moment, which can be talked about and developed further at home or in playschool. We also hold regular parent afternoons, a Christmas play, sports day and graduation, Easter Bonnet parade, Diwali lunch and many more events that parents are welcome to come along to and be involved with. Parents are also welcome to volunteer their skills, knowledge and experiences to support all the children’s learning and give them a range of experiences to extend their knowledge.